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{the words, they paint pictures.}

Welcome to daydream11's fiction journal. Here you will find fanfiction, the odd poem, and semi-thoughtful blurb. Right now, I'm currently working on a novel. No, I will not tell you what it's about. My work is influenced by my spiritual beliefs, my own interpretation of each fictional character, any particular worldview I may hold, and/or my love of writing about the Light in "Dark" characters (and vice versa). You may find here a fanfic with Song caring for Azula post-war, or another in which Andromeda agonizes over the what-ifs concerning Bellatrix. For me, it is not enough to take a work of fiction at face value; I must dissect it and toy with the characters, stretching them in ways they have not (should not, perhaps cannot) stretched before. Through writing fanfiction I learn about what works and what doesn't for any one character. In this way I learn more about myself and learn how to fashion my own original work, and perhaps one day somebody will write stories about my characters.

Enjoy your stay.

{Are you looking for my ambition journal? It's athenagray.}


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