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Original Work: Reflections

I'm writing again.

This time, however, the only goals I have in mind are to finish what I've started and write as often as possible. I am currently working on a collection of vignettes that borrows heavily (perhaps too heavily) from my own past. It is written from three first-person perspectives, something I'm doing because (a) I'm trying my hand at different voices, learning hot to capture the nuances in each one so that my characters don't become carbon copies of one another, and (b), I honestly believe that's the best way to write this particular story, which is so heavily reliant on character dynamics.

I know that I'm rusty; I haven't written anything original for some time now, so I don't expect anything I commit to paper to be mindblowingly awesome, not yet. What I do fear, at the moment, is that my work lacks all originality, that my characters are Mary Sues, and that they are too similar. When I write them, I aim to be them. They are different, but how much of that is wishful thinking pushing me to see things that aren't there and how much of it is true, I do not know.

Even so, I write every night. I only focus on one character each night, to make it easier for me to focus on that particular personality and commit it properly to paper. Sometimes I use a prompt table to lend me inspiration; sometimes I don't. Last night it was a particular struggle to pen anything, but the two nights before I wrote easily. Because I'm writing vignettes I'm not too focused on plot - the plot is second to the relationships, anyway - though there is a subtle one that I try not to lose sight of.

That said, I'm thrilled to be writing again. I feel like me again, and that can never be a bad thing.

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