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Harry Potter: A Place for Misfits

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: A Place for Misfits
Author: daydream11
Genre: General/Friendship
Rating: G
Written For: hh_sugarquill
Date Written: January 15, 2012
Word Count: 1,351
Character(s): Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Summary/Introduction: Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sorted into different houses. They befriend each other during their second year.
Author's Notes: This responds to the challenges "Anything inter-house. The Restricted Section, an open windown, a ripped robe." and "What if the Golden Trio were in different houses?"
Alternate Link: Here.

A Place for MisfitsCollapse )

Original Work: Reflections

I'm writing again.

This time, however, the only goals I have in mind are to finish what I've started and write as often as possible. I am currently working on a collection of vignettes that borrows heavily (perhaps too heavily) from my own past. It is written from three first-person perspectives, something I'm doing because (a) I'm trying my hand at different voices, learning hot to capture the nuances in each one so that my characters don't become carbon copies of one another, and (b), I honestly believe that's the best way to write this particular story, which is so heavily reliant on character dynamics.

I know that I'm rusty; I haven't written anything original for some time now, so I don't expect anything I commit to paper to be mindblowingly awesome, not yet. What I do fear, at the moment, is that my work lacks all originality, that my characters are Mary Sues, and that they are too similar. When I write them, I aim to be them. They are different, but how much of that is wishful thinking pushing me to see things that aren't there and how much of it is true, I do not know.

Even so, I write every night. I only focus on one character each night, to make it easier for me to focus on that particular personality and commit it properly to paper. Sometimes I use a prompt table to lend me inspiration; sometimes I don't. Last night it was a particular struggle to pen anything, but the two nights before I wrote easily. Because I'm writing vignettes I'm not too focused on plot - the plot is second to the relationships, anyway - though there is a subtle one that I try not to lose sight of.

That said, I'm thrilled to be writing again. I feel like me again, and that can never be a bad thing.

Harry Potter: Ink

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Ink
Rating: Heavy PG-13
Prompt(s): Ginny/Luna having adventuretiems out in public, but stealing little moments in corners of bookshops and coffeehouses and alleys and the like.
Author: daydream11
Written For: orphanxanthem
Date Written/Updated: October 24, 2010
Word Count: 274
Character(s): Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood
Pairing(s): Ginny/Luna
Summary/Introduction: Early mornings at The Quibbler call for breakfast deliveries.
Author's Notes: Written for hogwartsishome's hogsmeadewkends

InkCollapse )

Harry Potter: The Portrait

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: The Portrait
Author: daydream11 
Written For: strawberry_star
Date Written/Updated: October 23, 2010
Word Count: 390
Character(s): Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, the Black sisters
Summary/Introduction: There's a painting on the wall of Malfoy Manor that Harry cannot tear his eyes away from.
Author's Notes: Written as part of hogwartsishome's hogsmeadewkends

The PortraitCollapse )

Harry Potter: Liar

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Liar
Author: daydream11 
Written For: baterina_1234
Date Written/Updated: October 23, 2010
Word Count: 390
Character(s): Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Summary/Introduction: Harry wakes up in a place where he isn't supposed to be. And it's cold.
Author's Notes: Written as part of hogwartsishome's hogsmeadewkends

LiarCollapse )

Harry Potter: Festivities

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Festivities
Author: daydream11 
Written For: sylvir 
Date Written/Updated: October 23, 2010
Word Count: 251
Character(s): Severus Snape, Lily Evans
Summary/Introduction: A twelve-year-old Severus wakes up to find the remnants of a party.
Author's Notes: Written as part of hogwartsishome's hogsmeadewkends 

FestivitiesCollapse )

Black History Month: "Untitled"

Title: Black History Month Message, "Untitled"
Author: daydream11
Written For: Bethel Christian Center Church's Black History Month Series
Date Written/Presented: February 23, 2010/February 28, 2010
Word Count: ~760
Summary/Introduction: "...I encourage you this morning to bury mediocrity in the graveyard and to embrace the best God has for you, whatever the best may be for you. Do not be afraid of the risk; do not allow others to prevent you from reaching it..."
Author's Notes: My pastor asked me two Sundays ago to present about the successes of blacks in America for our church's Black History Month celebration. I readily accepted. The following is the long version of what I gave this morning, but the message remains the same.

Black History Month Message; UntitledCollapse )

Harry Potter: White Houses

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: White Houses
Author: daydream11
Written For: mneiai
Date Written/Updated: February 5, 2010
Word Count: 2,317
Character(s): Sirius Black, Andromeda Black, Narcissa Black
Summary/Introduction: Blacks are loyal to each other, regardless. House sortings don't matter. They shouldn't.
Author's Notes: Happy birthday, Lindsey!

White HousesCollapse )

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